Dating Advices for Shy Guys


If you are an introvert, meeting someone online is an ideal solution for you. You will not have to go to a stranger and construct the profile carefully to present yourself in the best possible way. But moving out in the real world is tricky. So, how a shy guy will handle all his firsts and overcome shyness? For you to appear in control and confident, we have some dating advice for shy boys. 

Challenge the inner critic

You have the voice inside that keeps on telling you that you are not the best. Turn your negative talk around. You can set the motto, affirmation, or mantra for moments like these as your daily reminder. Select an image representing an uplifting phrase to make it your wallpaper or to put it on your laptop, or you can write it on the note and then stick it around so you can see it all time. It will push the negative voices away and move you into a confident and constructive place. 

Be honest

Do not be tempted to make an image that is misleading. If you fill your dating profile with unrealistic things, you will not be able to meet them in person. Keep the profile as honest as you can so that you can be confident when you go on a date. 

Select the setting of your date wisely.

Look for an environment that will keep you comfortable. Avoid going to the movies or loud places as well as very intimate places because it can get awkward. It is good to plan a weekend daytime date that might lead to dinner if things go well. Initially, the dates must be casual unless you both like each other. 

Focus on the body language

Before leaving the house, boost your confidence with the easy hack, standing in a powerful posture with your shoulders at the back and chin up with a smile. If you adopt high-status body language, it will make you psychologically prepared and confident. 

Live in the moment

When you are self-focused, you are shy in your head, so you must get out of your head. Shift your attention toward her by taking a deep breath. Know her and her interests rather than how good you are doing.  

Own the shyness

You should not be ashamed if you are shy. Shyness is as attractive as confidence is. Many women might love a beta male or a shy guy, especially when she has been hurt by an overconfident or an extrovert man. Your kindness, humility, and generosity will draw her towards you. Focus on your strengths and who you are. 

Read the signals

Women will give signals about their attraction level towards you. Just pay attention. Listen to her and watch her, and you will know if she is interested in you or not. It is essential to get this right to save yourself from an unfortunate event. 

Be confident while stepping up.

If you think everything went well during the first date, ask for another date. Benefit from all the communication mediums that are available. You can send in a text message, an email, or a message on social media. 

Go for the first kiss on the second date.

It is risky to initiate the first kiss. If she agrees on meeting again, laughs, and touches you occasionally, then you can take the risk. 

Know that dating is fun

Tell yourself that you are going for a date, not a job interview. So, keep it light and fun, and even if it will not work out, it is totally fine.  



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