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Lovely Anna 30

Lovely Anna 30. Character

Lovely Anna 30 would like to tell you about herself so that when you read it, you have an idea about me. Anna is divorced, I have a daughter, her name is Elina, she is 5 years old. She loves Asian slightly spicy cuisine, seafood, fish, I rarely eat meat (according to my mood). Anna listens to different music, mostly Electronic, pop, sometimes hip hop, except classical, I don’t have symphonies, etc. in the playlist In sports, going to the gym without inflating to the side to get pumped up. I like light workouts. I like tennis.

The perfect weekend: get some sleep, wake up from the noise of the sea, cook breakfast, go for a walk near the sea (because the house is near the beach ) ) ) ) ) ))) then everything depends on the company and the internal request)))) There are no bad habits, I rarely drink. She has been to countries such as Poland, Spain, Indonesia, UAE, Turkey, Egypt. Anna loves Bali, for its versatility, where everyone can find what he will be interested in, from spiritual growth to hangouts. I love Dubai for its scale, there is a desire to conquer this world, it does not give a descent, and I like the level of security there. I dream of having a house in the middle of the forest, either in an area where there are many trees, or near the sea.

Lovely Anna 30. Interests

I like challenges, especially when it proves there is no limit for human’s capabilities. Running always takes my breath away, especially when I am a part of a real sport holiday such as marathon. In addition, I love skiing. Standing on the top and looking at the beauty of the mountains, you can feel so many emotions. New places, new countries inspire me, so my favorite hobby is traveling. When I travel, I like to be on wheels.The main advantage of traveling by bike is that you can thoroughly investigate any location in a contrast to walking when you move like a snail 🙂

Her Type of Man

There is one quote I like a lot: “For those who are happy, there is no time to write diaries, they are too busy with life.” I’m looking for a man who will make me never open my diary again, because I will be too busy living life with him. In my turn, I will give a smile every morning and a passionate sight at night. Anna wants my man, to become a wind for my fire inside, so he could make it burn brighter! I do not have a list of 78 requirements for a man! I do not want to find the perfect relationship. It is important for me that the relationship is real and not only at a distance. I have only one requirement for my man. I really want him to be honest. So if you are always ready to be honest with me, then write to me!

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