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Man’s confidence in dating women

The masculinization of women, the manifestation of their leadership qualities and the demonstration of successful professional growth in the 21st century has gained maximum momentum. What can a loving man offer a beautiful and self-sufficient woman?  How can the man win confidence in dating women, if he suffers from indecision and various phobias? It turns out that a lot, if you carefully analyze yourself and delve into female psychology.

Man’s confidence in dating women

Karen Horney clinic, she was a student of Freud, helps to overcome masculinity complex associated with neurosis. They can be a response to the actions and feelings of the stronger sex. Man has no confidence in dating  beautiful women. Because he is not sure that he will conquer and keep her in submission. With such a destructive attitude, the battle of the sexes begins, where distrust is the vanguard.

Women with this complex, shows their behavior in the following forms:

  • they hide hostility with unconditional confirmation of the superiority of a man;
  • women can show unconscious envy and disguised insecurity;
  • such women have increased response to criticism;
  • women can reuse from motherhood.

If a man had confidence in dating such women, the imprint of discomfort and fear of communication transferred according to the principle of imprinting on others. Karen Horney clinic argues that fear heightened by an underlying fear of not being able to satisfy a woman, of potentially being unable to prove one’s worth.

Psychoanalysis of Man’s confidence in dating women

In such situations, you need to see a little girl in a woman, recognize her fears and fear. A man who has no confidence in dating women and  is afraid of meeting women does not want to take responsibility for her and himself. The prerequisite a hidden desire to be loved, to receive attention, sympathy and care, but not vice versa. It is normal to expect a positive attitude from those to whom a person is attached. But the need for indiscriminate love is a sign of a neurotic disorder.

If the expectation of “great love” before ended in an unhappy ending, then disappointments and resentment can become a kind of barrier to dating single women. The situation is aggravated by the “victim complex”, which provokes humiliation and insults. These are the conclusions of deep psychoanalysis according to Freud by his student Horney.

How the subconscious mind and affirmations change thinking and lifestyle

Joseph Murphy books says about Man’s confidence in dating women.   He indirectly confirms the conclusions of psychoanalysts, describing the impact of the subconscious on the events that occur in life. The subconscious and subjective thinking, sleeping thought and deep “I” have much greater power than consciousness and objective reasoning, active thoughts. What you put inward will have an effect on the outer aspects of life.

Ralph Emerson noted that a person is what he thinks about. Psychologist William James wrote that there are forces in the subconscious mind that move the world. To give a command to the subconscious, it is enough to constantly repeat aloud or mentally purposeful desires, seeing them come true. Examples of “commands on the ship” would be affirmations like:

I will calmly get acquainted with the beautiful and intelligent single woman I like, impress her;

my speech is stylistically elegant and confident, my appearance is elegant, presentable and attractive for meetings;

happiness and joy will envelop me when I give them to my chosen one.

The subconscious will respond to all desires if you can clearly and clearly formulate them. Positive thoughts are grains from which poured ears of joyful events will grow. Negative thinking is weeds that choke crops in the fertile soil of the soul. Make up your logical and constructive phrases-ideas about how you see meeting a woman, developing relationships, and repeat them every day.

Empathy, emotional intelligence, the work of the amygdala and hippocampus

Noting that the social well-being of the world coming apart at the seams, Daniel Goleman proposes that emotional intelligence be viewed as a means of linking feelings, character, and moral credo. On this solid foundation, empathy builds and altruism built – something that attracts women. I remember Vincenzo Luigi, one of the heroes of Nina Sorotokina’s novel “Midshipmen, forward!” attracted attention by the fact that he pitied all women and looked at them with radiant blue eyes with meekness and kindness.

Emotional attitudes give rise to appropriate patterns of behavior. The little prince Saint-Exupery also said that only the heart is vigilant. Therefore, look at a woman “with the eyes of the heart.” Evaluate your emotional repertoire and analyze what exactly you experience when you are afraid to meet. If physical signs expressed in the form of a slowdown in body movements, rapid heartbeat and breathing, increased sweating, then know that this is the work of the amygdala. It also triggers the intensification of cortical memory activity.

The amygdala is also the repository of emotional flavor and, together with the hippocampus, forms a response to a specific situation – fear along with “recognition”. Emotionally charged events stored in memory for a long time, initiating a “fight or flight” response when a sensory image appears. The ability to compare the reaction and find the origins of fear is the basis for getting rid of fear.

Conclusion of Man’s confidence in dating women

Therefore, if you are afraid of dating single women, you must first look for underlying causes and psycho-emotional connections, not forgetting that a woman has the same set of reasons for a stupor or a negative reaction. After understanding the root causes, the use of clearly formulated affirmations will help to radically change the situation.


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