Discover Munich. Explore the best places to visit


Germany’s lifestyle capital is Munich – a big-hearted city that is both stylish and laid-back, energetic yet peaceful. Why wouldn’t you visit the home of renowned museums and art galleries with a wide range of cultural and sporting events?

1. Munich Residenz (Residenz München)

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A fantastic palace with 10 courtyards and 130 rooms was created from a Wittelsbach castle in the 14th century on the outskirts of the city.

Due to the grandeur of the palace and the wealth of its art, the Munich Residenz is worth seeing on multiple visits if possible.

2. Neues Rathaus

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The town hall in Munich, located on Marienplatz, is a Gothic Revival marvel and an unbelievably amazing historical heritage of the city. It is impossible to count how many postcards depict this landmark.

The facade is embellished with pinnacles, niches with small trefoil arches, and statues of the first four Bavarian kings. You can go up to the 85-meter tower that was added to the structure and now has 400 rooms. On clear days, you can see the Alps from this 100-meter-long facade.

3. Englischer Garten

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You’ll be surprised by the vastness of the Garten while looking at a city map. The park is a great place to relax, stroll, ride, drink and do whatever else comes to mind. The park’s highlights also include paddleboat rentals at Kleinhesseloher Lake and spectacular views from the Greek temple of Monopteros.

When locals in Munich can’t get enough of the city, they come here to unwind. They lounge in the sun, cook on barbecues, and ride bikes, horses, and surf. They walk along the river, float on rafts, swim in streams, and smell the roses.

4. Marienplatz

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Since the founding of Munich in 1158, this square has always been the center and heart of the city. Life never stops here. Underneath the square is Munich’s largest subway station. The buildings of the Old and New Town Halls overlook Marienplatz, and in the middle of it stands the column that gave the square its name.

At first glance, the New Town Hall looks older than the Old Town Hall, although it was built relatively recently – in 1867-1908. On the neo-gothic building there are chimes. Every day at 11 a.m., 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. painted mechanical figures come out on the balcony near the clock and a puppet show begins.

Old Town Hall looks more modest, but it is a true Gothic. It was built in 1470 – 1474. In the building is a museum of toys.

5. Frauenkirche

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The world-famous cathedral has its own mystery, shrouded in legend. In front of the entrance you can see the imprint of the sole, called by the people “the devil’s footprint”.

The first legend says that before the consecration of the cathedral, the devil snuck in. Enlisting the support of northern storm wind, he plotted to destroy the temple. On entering it, he was astonished. The unclean man’s bewilderment was caused by the lack of windows. He cried, stamping his foot in glee, “What parishioner would worship in a church that has not a single window!”. Immediately the raging demon smashed through the ground, leaving a mark after himself.

The thing is, the devil was standing at the entrance. You could not see the windows from there, because they were blocked by pillars. When he thought to look at the Frauenkirche from the other side, it was too late. On the opening day, thousands of worshippers came to the cathedral.

6. The Hofbräuhaus am Platzl

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It is a famous location and one of Munich‘s most well-known beer halls. Tourists are just as welcome at this establishment as residents are, and it has a historical hangout vibe. People dancing to the live music while clutching beer mugs is a joyful sight. Speaking of mugs. Hofbräuhaus regulars rent special lockers where they keep – no, not money, but visitors’ personal mugs.



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