15 Ways to Move on When You Still Love Your Ex


It is not easy to let go of someone you have loved with all your heart. It is hard to imagine a life where the person will not be with you. After getting heartbroken, everyone struggles to move on especially when there are sting feelings involved. You might think that you will never be able to get over your ex. Regardless of how hard it is, moving on is essential and certainly possible. Given below are 15 ways to move on while you still love your ex. 

1.Accept your ex is gone 

If you have tried and still you are unable to bring her/him back to you then you should go on to the next step, which is acceptance. Know that it is over. 

2.Stop talking or texting him

Do not communicate about the relationship because it will not help you. You should stick to zero contact. 

Unfollow your ex on Social Media

Do not keep an eye on them. Unfollow your ex on social media because to move on, you have to stop caring about them. 

4.Get rid of things and memories related to them 

To forget someone, you should get rid of everything that connects them with you. Return everything that they have given you and don’t reminisce about the good times with them.  

5.      Shift the focus on essential areas in your life 

Focus your attention on developing your personality and career. People who are career-oriented set romance aside to focus on their success. 

6.      Stop contacting her/his friends and family 

Contacting their friends and family will make it hard for you to forget them. 

7.      Do not be alone 

If you live alone, go to your friends or family’s home so that you do not get depressed or lonely. 

8.      Don’t rush with the process 

Give yourself time. Do not try to rush because, in this way, it will get harder. 

9.      Focus on other people who are important to you 

There are many other people that you love, like your family and friends. Focus your time, care, and efforts on these people. They deserve special treatment because they have supported you. 

10.  Focus on yourself 

You deserve all your love. Rather than thinking why your ex has left you because you are not loveable, focus on loving yourself and taking care of yourself. 


Crying releases your emotions and once you are done crying, you feel better. So, do not hesitate to cry. There is no shame in it. 

12.Do not blame yourself

Never blame yourself for a relationship that did not work out. We all believe in fate so look at it from this perspective. If it was meant to be, it would have worked out. 

13.Don’t talk about him 

If you will keep on talking about your ex, it will mean that you are still thinking about them. If the thinking will not stop, you will not be successful in moving on. Change your habit of bringing them in all the conversations that you have. 

14.Decide consciously to be happy 

Decide that you will be happy consciously. Happiness is a choice and you should choose happiness. 

15.Forgive Him

There is power attached to forgiving. After forgiving your ex, you will be able to release all the negative emotions. 



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