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Valentines Date Ideas During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the spread of coronavirus, couples are facing some major constraints on their normal dating activities while working from home and maintaining social distancing. In the past years, people used to celebrate Valentine’s Day by focusing on gifts and dinners. However, for this year the primary focus would be on self-safety. I’ve gathered some best ideas for couples to make their valentine’s day more indelible and they are:

Breakfast in bed

Make some delicious breakfast and put a tray together with your partner as it would set you both with good fuel for the day. You can have some quality time with your mate and discuss your evening plans.

Reliving your first date

It’s a great opportunity to recreate your first date but at home. Make the same dishes you both had on the first date and assure your partner that you loved everything about them on the very first day.

Bike Ride

Go on a bike ride with your partner in any nearby area as the physical exercises release some hormones which are beneficial for our wellbeing. Also, do some yoga or go to a spin-class together.

Have a dance party:

Take your partner on a date to any dance class to have a moment full of fun and romance.

Cook for your girlfriend:

Give her a surprise by cooking some food you don’t normally make because women appreciate it when their partner puts some effort into something for her.


Take her to ice-skating as this would be the perfect opportunity to hold her hand and make her laugh.


Go to your favourite local trail. You will have a chance to see the beautiful scenery and to have a deep conversation with your partner without any distractions.

A painting class:

According to some study reports, couples performing activities such as painting together would cause their bodies to produce oxytocin.

Playing video games:

Take out some time to play some virtual games with your partner because the couples seem happier when they share nostalgic memories.

Charitable Work:

There are several opportunities for volunteering due to this pandemic situation. Having compassion for other people could have an influential impact on your relationship. By doing charitable work, you’re showing each other that you have empathy for those who are in need.

Board Games:

Play some board games such as scrabble with your partner to have some fun time.


Watch some Netflix together and create the fortress of pillows or blankets and put the lights off. You will get the chance to rekindle your love and assure him why he chose you.

Learn a new craft together:

Put some music in the background and learn a new craft together as this would be a bonding experience.

Planning future vacations:

It is not possible to travel nowadays, but you can plan a future vacation with your better half. Get a piece of paper and make the most romantic plans around the world.

Baking together:

Bake something with your partner is a fantastic way to make the bond stronger and it will give you both a chance to learn more about each other.

Indoor picnic:

Arrange an indoor picnic by putting a blanket in the living room and get some delicious food. Play the guitar so that you can entertain your beloved one with some heartfelt music

A valentine gift:

Parcel your partner a nice valentine’s gift to express to them how much you mean to them and you want to make them feel special and this day gives you a chance.


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