Reason of quarrel between man and woman in relationship.


A relationship is a mutual responsibility of two people who find interest in each other. There are pleasant moments in relationships, but sometimes misunderstandings lead to quarrel, scandals and partings. Responsibility plays an important role in relationships. And it is very important who takes on this responsibility, a man or a woman. Mostly this dating tips can occur shy men or shy guys. Such dating tips for shy guys is the same dating tips for shy men. This article can be useful for shy guys and dating.

Why is a man angry with a woman?

When there is a quarrel between a man and a woman, the man perceives it in two ways. On the one hand, he loves his woman, this is the basis of maternal instinct. He needs this woman, as she replaced him with maternal love and care. But on the other hand, the woman told him a bunch of nasty things with which he does not agree. Therefore, he has such a feeling: on the one hand, he loves her, on the other, he hates her. In reality, a man is angry with a woman because he does not agree with her criticism of him. We always perceive other people’s words as our own opinion about ourselves. This is the error of internal self-esteem. Therefore, a man has two options for getting out of the situation:

  • the man may think about criticism of himself by a woman. Analyze it carefully. Accept your flaws and change. Then he admits his guilt to the woman and tries to find a way to reconcile.
  • the man does not recognize the criticism of the woman in his direction and remains with his opinion. In this case, either the woman takes responsibility for the situation or the quarrel or conflict escalates and may lead to separation.

Why does a woman take it out on a man?

Women always think with emotions. Their emotions never deceive. And it is always difficult for men to understand the logic of a woman‘s thinking.

When a woman expresses her emotions to a man, at that moment she feels discomfort. And if she cannot cope with this, she gets angry with herself, with the current situation and does not know how to find a way out. Then all emotions will be directed to the man. Often men do not understand such emotions and perceive these emotions as an attack. And if a man begins to defend himself, then this will lead to a quarrel or conflict. At this moment, the woman wants one thing from the man, so that he reassures her. She wants a man to take responsibility for the situation, even if it was created by a woman. Here again everything will depend on the man. A man will be able to take control of everything or this right will remain with his opinion.

Who is this strong woman?

If a woman in her life has not found a life partner, a man who can support her and take responsibility for their life together. Then the woman has to take responsibility herself. Such women need love and care, but they are disappointed in men. On the other hand, it will be difficult for such a woman to find a man. Because if she learned to be responsible for her life. A woman will demand even more responsibility from a man than she herself takes on.

The relationship between a man and a woman is always a complex process that requires mutual responsibility. If you are a man and you are looking for the woman of your dreams, then you have come to us. On our site you can meet a woman with whom you can start a relationship. And if you need help, you can email us and we will help you.

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