Men's choice

What Does a Man’s Choice of Clothes Say About His Personality?

The modern world has slightly changed the male worldview.

If earlier for most men, especially those who do not belong to the bohemian or the upper class of society, it was purely utilitarian in nature, today men actively use outfits to express their personality. What can be learned from the appearance of a man and the brands that he prefers in clothes?

Let’s start with the color scheme.

Often, men choose dark shades, but if there are red clothes or shoes in a man’s wardrobe, this clearly symbolizes his energy, ability to solve complex problems, and the strive to move forward towards his goal. But a lot of bright, fluorescent items in the wardrobe show a man‘s need for the attention of others, their appreciation, and admiration. It is quite another matter if a man’s clothes consist mostly of gray shades. This is a sign of concentration on oneself and the fact that the owner of such a wardrobe does not need the attention and approval of others.

Next, let’s talk about styles.

It is easy to understand that you deal with a real perfectionist if his clothes are tailor-made, fit perfectly, and look like a million dollars. At the same time, clothes do not necessarily always have to be designed in the same style. On perfectionists, even joggers and a T-shirt will look like he just walked off the red carpet.

If your partner prefers to dress in a casual style, for example, he prefers youth brands like Esprit, Gap, or Bershka, comfort always comes first for him. But a fan of Nike and Adidas collections clearly declares that he is active, does not like to sit in one place, and wants to be #1 in everything.

Excessive severity in the style of clothing, if it is not dictated by the dress code, shows a person who is insecure.

This is the case when a strict Armani or Briony suit serves as real armor, and the last thing their owner wants is for his inner feelings to be visible to others.

But the owner of a fairly diverse wardrobe, which combines both expensive formal suits and rebellious things from Disquared or Thierry Mugler, either himself has not fully decided on his role in society or is so harmonious that all facets of his personality get along well with each other. And it’s easy enough to find out. It is enough just to pay attention to how a person feels in the chosen outfit. If he behaves equally awkwardly and looks uncomfortable in all styles, then this is definitely the first option. If casual, sporty, and strict outfits look equally elegant on a man, you can be sure that there is the same harmony in his soul as in appearance.

In general, the wardrobe does not always show the personality of a man. But individual elements, preferences, colors, or skills in combining clothes can tell you a lot.