11 Dating Rules You Should Probably Try To Follow


Dating in today world is not a piece of cake at all! You have to look upon many aspects of a person you want to date in order to be sure that he is the one. Regarding this, it’s very effective if you set up some boundaries for yourself and them that you can set by keeping in your mind some dating rules. In this way, the process in finding the right one for you will be much easier and free of effort. 

You can assign some rules to yourself according to your convenience as every person has different circumstances and priorities. These are some rules that may help you to be in a healthy relationship rather than wasting your time, effort and mental peace in running after someone wrong. So, mark these points as they can be very effective for you.

Date multiple people:

The reason for this is people don’t consider dating as a serious thing, when you date one person at a time you might like them, hangout and have fun with them. Resultantly you get yourself emotionally invested in them while the other person disappears all of a sudden or leave by saying that it wasn’t that much serious for them. And then you feel hurt and the disappointment. So, in order to escape from getting hurt just try many people in a single go and the one that remains is the one for you.

Short dates are best:

Keeping dates short has a lot of advantages. While dating someone in yearly days you shouldn’t be with them more than 3 hours because this time is enough to know the person. People who spend nights partying and hours with each other during early days of date have a chance to lose all the excitement as they sound easy to get and surely if the other person leaves you will feel the pain and it will be difficult to move on for you.

Be straightforward:

Tell the other person what you are looking for whether you just want to try dating and if it works out its fine or if you want your forever person. In this way, your pure intentions won’t harm anyone. If they are willing to stay and aren’t afraid to make a commitment that’s great and if they aren’t interested let them go and move on.

Avoid talking about exes:

Avoid talking about your past relationships as it will make the things heavy and complicated. In the starts you need to keep it light and easy just share your interests and get to know each other.

Advance planning:

Planning can be a really tricky way to know whether the next person is serious with you or not. Some people just call you out on their convenience. Make advance plans so that you would know whether they can handle the responsibility or not.

Follow-up text:

Now, some people believe one should send a thank you text or tell each other how they felt. As far as I think it’s not that important because it creates an awkwardness as the next person may misunderstood that this person has fallen for me. But yeah, you can always choose what’s better for you.

Give them some time to reach out:

Take it slow, give them some time to reach out. Give then space to think properly and you yourself think about how do you feel.

Take things lightly:
Wait for some dates before being so intimate with each other. Avoiding sexual intimacy in the start is important for your mental health because if other person leaves you are going to be sad or maybe depressed too.

Who should pay?:

Don’t freak out about who would pay for the date. Even if you are a woman, you can pay the bill or you can split it in half. In this way, the other person understand that you believe in mutual efforts and it might increase your respect for them.

You can pre-plan:

It’s not always the other person’s responsibility to plan things. If you have a better idea in your mind, tell them! Don’t hesitate in making efforts. You can also plan the dates for them just as the way you want.

 Order your favorite food:

Order the food you like to have don’t think that what the other person will think about you just be real. If you’re hungry order a meal and have it, if you’re not its fine just order something light, it’s your choice. Don’t try to fake anything. If they’re happy with real you Cheers! If not then that’s their loss.



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