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Be The Person You’d Want to Date

Are you struggling in finding the love of your life? Do you want to date someone amazing that your life gets filled with happiness? If Yes, then first of all, you need to take a chill pill and relax. Secondly, you should focus on why you want it. If you want to date someone just because all of your friends are in a relationship or because someone persuades you to get married or because you think that person will change your life and all the problems will disappear, then you need to reconsider this decision.

Marriage, relationships, dating are not a ticket of happiness. Think about your life. Ask yourself. Are you satisfied and happy where you stand in life? Have you been a better person than before? Do you love yourself, the way you are? 

“The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.” —E. E. Cummings

Self-love is what you should have in your life. Accept your imperfections, love yourself, respect yourself. Be strong enough to take a stand for yourself. If you want to achieve something, work hard for it. People are always there to degrade you; they want you to give-up. They will point out your imperfections, the things you are lacking at but you shouldn’t give anyone else the right to control your life

Life is like a blank canvas, don’t let anyone else paint it, paint it yourself just as you wish. You should cherish every moment you have, find happiness in the little things. Whether it’s a moment when you are eating your favorite food, having fun with your friends, achieving something you badly wanted. Love doesn’t necessarily gives you happiness but self-love surely does.

 I’m just doing the best I canI’m just living the life I haveI’m confused but I’m fine with thatThe beauty will outweigh the painFrom the chill of the autumn windAnd the laugh of your sister’s kidTo the first snow when it sets inThe beauty will outweigh the painWe’ll all find a purpose one dayThere are so many reasons to stay

These are the lyrics of my favorite song: “REASONS TO STAY “by Kate Vogel. No matter what you want in life, you don’t have to rush for it. Give it some time, give yourself a break, take out time for yourself. As it is said: “Good things take time”. You don’t need someone to buy you flowers or take you to your favorite restaurant.

You can do it yourself girl! Have a lunch date with yourself or invite your friends for a sleepover at your home. Dress up, get ready and be the savage girl you are. If you’re happy single, let it be. You should only make a commitment with someone when you’re ready for it. If you are struggling with your own self, dating someone may add up to your worries.So, choose wisely.

Self-love doesn’t means to spoil yourself by doing something that is not good for your health and well-being and people around you. It means to be at peace with yourself while trying to improve. If you are not happy with your body and you want to lose weight. Go for it! Learn a new skill, be a busy bee, so that you won’t have time for unnecessary shit. Find something you love to do and work for it from your heart. Appreciate and respect people around you, don’t be rude to someone, spread kindness. For everything you do will eventually come back to you

What goes around, comes around”
Forgive yourself for past mistakes. We are humans, we make mistakes to learn from them. Don’t be embarrassed about what you did in past just make sure you don’t repeat any mistake and be proud of yourself that you are a better person now. Let the negative feelings such as jealousy, haste, greed and hate go. They aren’t worth your attention my dear!

Be the person you want to date! Don’t rush to find someone meant for you, rather work on yourself. Conquer your dreams. Be the best version of you. Study in your dream institution, set up goals for yourself, adopt a profession suitable for you, earn a lot of money, love the people who are sincere to you and kick out the snakes for they don’t deserve your attention. When you do things like that not only your life will be filled of happiness but also others will ask you to go on a date. Rather than finding the best person, be the best person and the one meant for you will find you right away.

“Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.”


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