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Why is a man afraid to meet a beautiful woman

Why is a man afraid to meet a beautiful woman, this question is important for many men. Fear is the basic human emotion that controls, moves, motivates or stops. Fear is a basic instinct for human and animals. It can manipulate human: limite in its actions or motivated.

How to meet a beautiful woman?

What is a man afraid of?

Pavlov studied this basic instinct and called it a Classical conditioning when he conducted experiments on dogs. Since both animals, men and women develop habits in themselves. These are the conditioned reflexes that they use in their behavior, life and relationships.
For example: A man wants to meet a beautiful woman. But he has an experience in his life when, he tried to meet a beautiful woman, it was no luck for him. He developed a Classical conditioning in himself that beautiful women do not like him, because of his shortcomings. Fear, as a Classical conditioning, will slow down a man in his actions. A man will create for himself way of thinking that he has low self-esteemation. Thoughts reinforce emotions. Therefore, as long as a man thinks negatively about himself, his fear will become stronger. In this case, fear will create a permanent habit of thinking. This habit of thinking will create his lifestyle as an self-deprecating and insecure man.

Why does a man have depression?

Martin Seligman studied depression in men and women at the University of Pennsylvania. In the process of research, he discovered the theory of Learned Helplessness. This theory explains a lot in the behavior of men and women.
For example. a man repeatedly tries to meet a beautiful woman. But women do not answer him that way. One woman is not serious. The other woman wants only money. The third woman deceives. The fourth woman is cheats. And so on. A man creates in himself a behavior of learned helplessness. All the women are the same. Therefore, they should not be trusted. Being single is much easier than having a serious relationship. It’s so difficult.

How does fear motivate a man?

Fear can slow down a man and create a behavior of learned helplessness. But fear can also motivate a man.
There are men who got rid of their own self-deprecating . Such a man, having overcome the fear in himself, despite the difficulties in life, is trying to do something. A man tries to do everything to improve self-development. Over time, if a man does not sit still and moves forward and new opportunities open up before him.
In order for a man to overcome fear, he needs another emotion Love. Only love can motivate a man to new achievements.

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