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Man’s girlfriend left him for a richer guy

The theme of exchanging Love for money permeates the creative themes and life for hundreds of years. If the man’s girlfriend chose the richer guy, he should not panic, but analyze why this is so. In the subconscious of the expectant mother, for the man’s girlfriend there is the question of providing for children is always spinning. The richer and more enterprising the potential father, the more likely it is that a smart, charismatic and beautiful girl will be interested in him. This is the law of nature: in the animal kingdom. The leaders and dominants have the right to choose a pair.

Recognition, professional growth and warmth of relationships are interconnected

Mikhail Litvak, the author of “Psychological Aikido“, in the book “Man and Woman” draws parallels, assessing a person’s need for recognition and his limit in career or professional growth. A man’s girlfriend intuitively assesses the skill level of her man, and if she sees that he does not strive for growth, then the result will be cooling and parting.

You need to constantly compare the level of progress of a person. Pick up the speed of professional growth when you notice that man’s girlfriend is confidently going step by step. It doesn’t matter if she has completed a sewing course and sits at a sewing machine for 20 hours a week or has approved the topic of her dissertation and written half of the work. Eric Berne Canadian-born psychiatrist wrote, The man Winner will start a family with the woman Winner, they will bring up their children to become Winners to an even greater level.

You can be rich but not rise or expand horizontally

Remember: every girlfriend chooses promising partner. If the man thinks that guy, the man’s ex-girlfriend chose is richer. Then the man should look at his work and activities. His photos in Instagram are not matters: they show pictures, but not real life:

  • he can have an expensive car which are in leasing;
  • he can pay for the dinner in the restaurant by credit card;
  • a week-long trip to a foreign resort would require a tough six-month savings for him.

Mikhail Litvak demands that a man become an extra-professional in his field. It does not matter what he does. The man should Hone his skills and abilities, bringing them to virtuosity. So that later, having taken one peak, he begins to storm and conquers another. If the horizons do not expand, there is no rise or the man, while the beloved girl grows. Then she will choose the one who has more skills then she or at least equal to her.

Ring and marriage proposal: confirm that this is your woman

Steve Harvey talk about it in more simple way. Steve harvey dating tips means if the girl chose another guy , parting with you. Steve Harvey says: then the point may be that guy offered her an engagement ring that she was waiting for from her man. And it’s not about money at all, but about the desire to be a wife. The man should remind if his girlfriend was talking about the wedding or about plans for a future life. If so, then her biological clock, having passed the mark of 25 years. Maybe she is in that age that demands certainty and it can be the reason for the gap.

Cohabitation is for boys, family is for mature men.

If the man did not declare to all:

that his beloved girl is the girl of heart;

that his lady is future wife and mother of his children;

that man’s woman is the bride he wish to be engaged to…

… then he can loose her due to the lack of this title. Bescause the universal verbal code of the human is well read by both men and women).

Long-term unconscious planning is a declaration of “complete freedom”. If the man thought or said so, then he hinted that he do not see prospects in a long-term relationship. Therefore, the question is not about money. The question is what the man can show his girlfriend. that she is not the only one for him. Of course, under two conditions – male nature constantly demanded manifestation as a breadwinner. And situations when a girlfriend did not unreasonably start giving out “benefits” up to the threshold of “90 days” after they met. So wrote Steve Harvey.

About steppers, anti-scripts and Princes with Frogs

This is the law of nature: Eric Berne confirms, considering scenarios for choosing a partner by a girl: The princess has a much better chance of choosing the Prince. The frog (guy or girl) in the game will not come out as a winner. The higher the level of development, the more likely it is to become a pair of high-status alpha girls with powerful energy. In selection scenarios, the principle of heredity and the stopper (instruction) of parents often work. An example – if a mother believed that it was necessary to start a family only with the rich (Prince with Golden Apples), then this is transferred to her daughter.

And it does not matter that it was not he who earned this money, but his parents. In the case of marriage registration in a few months, the “rich” will show his personal qualities. So much so that she will run away … As Yesenin wrote about the fact that only the one who does not ask for joy and has pride is strong. It is to such a viciously twisting powder that the departed girl will return “to warm the baby by the fire.” To change fate is to rewrite the life anti-script so that the Frog becomes the Prince.

Have you been laughing, playing or joking for a long time?

John Gottman highly recommends having fun and being playful. This is the emotional need for a fulfilling life. If this is not the case, the couple breaks up: the stress and tension of the rhythm of everyday life suck out energy. The more laughter, the healthier and happier the relationship. In the case when entertainment is far from the usual kind of activity