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My girlfriend does not give me space to go restaurants near me

John Gray compares the Mars man to a rubber band: from time to time he needs to move away in order to then approach his chosen one with even greater force. If she constantly pulls him towards her, then the tourniquet will stretch or break. What to do when a girl “does not let go restaurants near me” from herself: we analyze the reasons and look for a way out of the situation.

My time: what you are not ready to give up, announce at the start of a relationship

It is important to establish contact standards from the very beginning: the girl accepts the conditions or refuses. It is important for a guy on the shore, not yet “sitting in a boat”, to stipulate his “taboos”. For example, that he:

every week he plays in a chess and checkers club or once a month he has fun with airsoft;

catches fish or pumps up muscles in the gym;

goes to the mountains every year;

half of the weekend of each summer spends on the improvement of the house or cottage.

If this is not done at the beginning of the relationship, the girl will consider every absence almost as a potential betrayal. Speaking of absence, it is important to emphasize that he will be happy to do this together with the chosen one. A couple of visits will show the girl that her suspicions are groundless and she will easily let go of her beloved.

Go up: level up – yours and your girlfriend’s

Steve Harvey, who wrote the best-selling book Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man, insists on respecting personal boundaries, staying at least on the same level with a girl, but better – at least slightly surpassing her. Cultural differences play a significant role: if a girl has a stranglehold on her boyfriend, then this is a danger – the relationship is destructive, they will slow down the growth of a man as a professional.

I go hunting go restaurants near me: wait with prey

In “The Wild Kura”, the Azerbaijani writer Ismail Shikhly describes how his hero Shamkhal, after his wedding night, went hunting and brought a pheasant and a partridge, a royal delicacy, to his newly-made wife, the beautiful Gulaser. Teach the girl to let her “hunt”. The suppressed essence of a man – as a getter and a hunter – requires manifestation. Few girls will respect a quietly sitting chosen one, without even showing it clearly. The man is the breadwinner: even in the realistic 21st century, this rule remains relevant.

“Cocoon”: solve the problem and relax

Periodically, a man needs to “climb into the cocoon” in order to solve the problem. Clearly stipulate this to your beloved when she “drips on her brains” with her questions and advice to the state of burning. Do not forget that after such a “sitting on Shipka” you should definitely give a gift – not necessarily jewelry or perfumes, but at least breakfast in bed or a barbecue,  restaurants near me or a horseback ride.

It takes time to … convince!

Although some strong women show their signs like swindon advertiser that they do not need anything from a man, this is not so. Prove to your loved one that you are taking the time to:

become stronger and stronger (sports);

smarter (increase income after advanced training, study);

richer (growth of family welfare);

softer and kinder at home (psychoanalysis courses and trainings).

They proved it – and then she herself will push out of a cozy house to meet her knight and superman “with a shield” back. But be careful: 18 hours 6 days a week and 12 hours on the only day off, few women will endure for a long time. Observe a temporary measure, unless you work on a watch.

Attention – one and only

The restriction of a man’s freedom (“Be with me”) may be the result of the fact that the chosen one explicitly or subconsciously paid attention to another woman. The instinct of the owner is developed in all ladies and it goes out when she stops loving. Remember how often you watched a beautiful woman or smiled while talking with a friend, talked warmly on the phone with an employee. In Spain in the Middle Ages, Queen Juana of Castile (Mad) lived: it was said that because of her great love and jealousy, she poisoned her handsome husband. Fact: I carried the coffin with his body with me for several years, periodically opening and admiring the body.

Existentialism: Viewing Life in All Aspects

The realities of living together are not only a commonality of actions, mutual sympathy, but also freedom within the framework that leaves a person the opportunity to maneuver. The boundaries of permissible actions end where they deprive others of their freedom – and it does not matter whether it is a loved one or a stranger. Thomas Aquinas wrote about four laws, including the eternal and natural, divine and human. Teach a girl to analyze her actions and draw conclusions about how destructive they are when they severely restrict your freedom.

The girl‘s desire for the guy to be around is normal, but on the condition that it does not turn the chosen one into 12 years a slave. If the requirement to “be close” is not provoked by stress factors (war and shelling, illness, recent loss of loved ones and housing, etc.), then it can and should be stopped. We hope these tips help.

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